Carpe-ing That Diem

Just when I think that I have things under control, life throws a curveball. I had a good job, life was almost balanced. I mean, I was working a lot of hours at the day job, and the commute was rough, but it was steady and good, my employers were kind and understanding and supportive. No real complaints on that score. I thought life was pretty much settled for a while. And then stuff happened, and there were shenanigans, and now we are at a crossroads.

J.D. has been traveling for work. A lot. I went with him to one small conference in Cincinnati, where he gave a talk about hacking tools and demonstrated how the gadgets in his toolkit worked. (So proud of him for doing the public speaking circuit this summer. Most people are terrified of speaking in front of others, but he is doing a fantastic job even though he considers himself an introvert.) While he is out in the world presenting important cyber strategies to others, I have been holding down the home front.

I’ve been working that day job, taking care of Luna and Bindi (her kitty friend, if you haven’t been introduced yet). Writing, of course. I submitted an entry to my annual flash fiction contest of choice, and I’ll be attending a writer’s workshop webinar later this week. There has been so much writing, just not any that has shown up here yet. But it’s coming. I feel really good about the work that I’ve been doing when I’m not at the day job, and I hope to be able to share it with you soon.

And then there’s the new job. I wasn’t actively seeking a new job. Like I said before, I was working a lot of hours, but it was steady and reliable, and I had figured out what was expected of me on any given day. I was almost comfortable in the role, knowing that I was in a position to continue to learn about the industry and continue in the skills that I had already been practicing. And then, around mid-July, I had an offer from a friend to join him in his small business. From the outside looking in, it’s probably a crazy jump–from an established company to a new business without much of a safety net, working with a friend when we’re not entirely sure how we will work together. Relearning a whole new system of doing things, and adjusting from one environment to another.

It’s an adventure, though. And if you go through life without taking risks, well, that will turn out to be a pretty boring life. Sometimes you have to do things that scare you in order to grow. Sometimes you have to take a risk to find something amazing. That doesn’t mean you YOLO the crap out of things and take every opportunity that gets thrown at you–that would be a recipe for disaster. However, if you take the measure of something and see that it has great potential, and that there is something there to build, it just may be worth the risk.

We’re building things here. It’s not easy, but we keep at it. And because we keep at it, we have hope that it will grow and be something exciting.  And we are so happy to have you with us on this journey.  Stick with us–some great stuff is on the horizon!