Loving Luna

Hi guys!  Hope you all had a great week!  There wasn’t much going on here–J.D. was out of town for work, so I was a single mom with the furkids.  Just us girls.  Kitty, being kitty, took J.D.’s absence pretty well.  Nothing seems to faze her.  Luna, on the other hand, was a different story.  She missed him a whole heckuva lot.

J.D. and Luna have been a team even before I was in the picture.  He had just moved into his first home, and decided that the time was right for him to bring home a puppy.  He found her on Craigslist – that miracle website for lost souls and random items.  Her owner was moving to a smaller place that did not allow pets.  She was three months old, and really not sure what was going on around her.  J.D. brought her home, trained her, loved her, and raised her.  When he left the house, he would even leave the TV on ESPN so that she would have background noise and not get lonely (a practice we continue to this day, except now I leave it on Animal Planet).

I met her when she was two years old, and we had an awkward phase to our relationship.  She liked me okay, but for most of her life she had been Daddy’s #1 Girl.  She made a point of sitting between us on the sofa, and still had a little bit of a chewing habit.  I lost my favorite sandals and a pair of eyeglasses to that habit.  (Or at least I suspect I did, but since she never confessed, the case file is still open…)

When I went through a period of unemployment back in 2015, we became best friends.  She kept me company while I struggled to find myself and spent many hours searching job boards, sending resumes, and holding back tears.  And sometimes not holding back tears, but weeping in frustration.  We spent a lot of time in the backyard playing fetch during that time, and bonded over the Orange Ball.  And because I played with her and fed her and hugged her, I became more than That Girl That Dad Hangs Out With.  Somehow in there, I became Mom.  (I also learned during that time that Siberian huskies shed more than any cat I had ever owned, and that their fur could double as tumbleweeds in the old western movies.  Seriously.  The shed factor is insane.)


Huskies also love cold weather. She will stand on the deck and let it snow on her back while I shiver impatiently.

Now J.D. is in a new position that requires occasional travel.  In his last job, if he had to be out overnight, Luna would go to a PetSmart PetsHotel.  No big deal.  Now, he can sometimes be out of town for several days in a row – this past trip was a ten day affair for the company’s annual sales kickoff.  Now, instead of the PetsHotel, Luna goes to Doggy Day Camp (also at PetSmart) while I’m at work, and then comes home with me.  I adore her, and she loves me in her own puppy way. Which includes waking me up at 3 a.m. to go outside (which seems to happen every time J.D. is out of town, and never when he’s at home), catapulting herself onto the bed at top speed every evening when I switch on the humidifier, and lying next to me on the sofa as I write up blog posts.  She even helped unpack books last month when we put up the new bookshelves.

She snores, too. It’s hilarious.


“I’m helping, right, Mom?”

I know that her heart, first and foremost, belongs to Daddy.  If he’s gone longer than two days, you can tell from the look on her face.  Her happy smiley husky grin fades a little.  As soon as he walks through the door, though, it’s like the sun breaking through the clouds.  Everything is as it should be, and her world is complete.  This girl is so easy to please – all she needs is a treat and a pat from Dad.  We should all be so wise to follow her lead.  Just love the people (and animals) around us without hesitation.  It’s so much easier to love than it is to hold on to anger.  Let go of the sandals–they’re only shoes, after all.

Peace on Earth, and goodwill to puppies.