On Bookshelves and Biscuits

Hi guys!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  For me, it entailed building furniture and reinforcing relationships. Every once in a while, you need to make sure the important things in life have proper support!

I have a bad habit of buying books…and then leaving them all over the house.  I love to read, but somehow my collection winds up in boxes or on end tables or even on the floor next to the bed (the floor is the biggest shelf in your house, right?).  And then when I’m looking for a certain one, I have a mental picture of where it should be–and it never is where it should be.  Or we have people come to visit, and the living room or the den look like a cluttered mess because I have piles of books in random corners.  The upstairs den was particularly bad, where we had boxes upon boxes of books and papers just stacked on top of one another.  And I kept telling myself for a long time that we have just moved, so there’s no shame in boxes….  Until I realized that we’ve been in the house now for a year, and those boxes are starting to sag and fall apart under the weight of my library collection.  And some of my most cherished possessions were being neglected.  Spines sagging, pages bent.  A distressing state of affairs, to be sure.

Luckily for me (and my poor books), Target had a sale on furniture last weekend.  I managed to snag a series of simple yet sturdy bookshelves for a reasonable price, and I’ve been spending the week building shelves and reorganizing books.  The last shelf came to the front step late last week, and Saturday morning was an adventure in amateur carpentry.  J.D. was kind enough to offer to help put things together, and extremely patient when I kept double-checking behind him to make sure screws were securely fastened and that the legs for the shelf were fastened in just the right angle (it’s not that I didn’t trust him–I just couldn’t help myself).  We now have one corner of the den completely clear of library clutter, and all the books that were strewn haphazardly on the floor by my side of the bed are now safely on a shelf.  No more tripping over things when I get up in the morning.  I think J.D. is also glad to get the mess a little more under control.  It gets difficult for him sometimes, being the controlled, linear thinker, to see that I am not quite as organized as he is.  New year resolutions are around the corner, though…maybe 2018 will be my year to be a neat freak?  (Probably not!)

Sunday I managed to meet some friends for brunch in Durham.  This group of ladies was my support system while we were in school–we had classes together, drank together, and studied for exams together.  We graduated a few years ago, and try to get together every so often to make sure everyone is still going strong.  It’s not always easy.  We’re all incredibly busy, and our lives are very full.  In the last year, two of us bought new homes, two of us started new jobs, and we all live in different towns.  We hadn’t all gotten together for almost a year.  But somehow, the stars aligned and we were all able to meet up for some amazing food.

We went to True Flavors, which is an unassuming little place on N.C. 55 in Durham.  It’s tucked in a shopping center, doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the food is awesome.

It’s hard to make biscuits and gravy look “pretty,” but these are the best looking ones I’ve ever seen.  We also had a plate of fresh, hot biscuits for the table with homemade watermelon and pepper jam (which sounds really weird, but was absolutely delicious).  Biscuits not pictured.  (They were snarfed down far too quickly for a photo.)

We also had a mushroom and tomato frittata, and…


…fried chicken eggs benedict. Featured center: a tiny cast iron skillet of mac and cheese!  The cutest (and most delicious) side dish ever!

One of the things I love about hanging out with these ladies (aside from the fact that we always manage to find the most delicious spots in North Carolina) is that no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen one another, we’re able to pick up right where we left off.  We still support each other and enjoy one another’s company, even if we don’t hang out every day.  I don’t even have to try to be cool (which I am decidedly not!)–they just love me even when I wear my Darth Vader Christmas sweater to brunch.It’s a rare friendship that doesn’t mind time or distance, and I am so thankful to have friends like Jamie and Jen.  

What things are you thankful for this week?