Quick Update: I’m Not Dead Yet

Well gang, I wish I could give you a good explanation for why I haven’t updated in a while. Unfortunately, while there are reasons, none of them sound “good enough” when I say them out loud. But I can give you an update of how things stand for the Wordsmith.

As many of you know, I am currently working a full-time day job on top of freelancing and blogging. It keeps me busy. And the day job can at times get ridiculously busy (like 50+ hours a week, come home and go straight to bed without dinner busy). And summertime at the day job is traditionally the big booming season. I’ve essentially had my ass kicked for the past five months in a row. And from here through the end of the calendar year, I expect the trend to continue.


There have also been good things that have happened, as well. J.D. and I managed to get away for a week in May to one of our favorite places in the whole world. And then at the beginning of August, we jaunted over to Vegas for hacker summer camp.

Of course, I paid dearly for both of those trips when I made it back to the office, but they were totally worth it.

I’ve also kept up writing on the freelance side. You can see my Shamrock Craic library here, and I’ve been doing some articles for the folks over at Legal Match, as well. I’ve had the very great privilege of meeting the editor of the IAVM magazine, Facility Manager, and put together a piece for those folks as well. (If you recognize the “Cyber Flu Shot” article in the same issue, good eye! They also re-printed one of my blog posts from last November!)

I’ve also been working with this amazing lady, who has been coaching me through the tough spots of writing up a super fun project that I’m excited to share with you (hopefully) soon. BONUS: Kara is also preparing to release her new novel, Dust, coming to you in summer 2020! (She didn’t ask me to say that, I’m just really excited to read her new book!)

I hope to have some new and exciting news for you in the next couple of months. I can’t speak to anything solid yet, but there are some fun things in the works. In the meantime, I’m still here, albeit a little quieter than usual, still working and writing. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest updates.

NOTE: Usually I make a note that indicates that I’m not paid by any of the people or companies that I give shout outs to in these blog posts. Here, because I reference companies that I have done work for this year, be aware that I was compensated only for the written articles I provided for them. Not for referencing them here on the blog.