Quick Update: New Things Coming!

A lot of exciting things happened in March, and I think they are leading up to some exciting things coming up in the next couple of months, too.

For starters, J.D. and I finally got married after planning for a year and being engaged for two. There was a lot of stress building up to the main event—a tiny bit of family drama, dealing with vendors and making sure that things were sorted out and organized. I may have cried a few times in the weeks leading up to it.

When it came right down to it, we had a beautiful wedding down on the Georgia coast, surrounded by family and a few of our closest friends. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather, warm enough to be outdoors in the middle of March. And I was lucky enough to marry my best friend—who didn’t mind when I made Star Wars and Doctor Who references in my vows. (And he vowed that he loves me more than the Millennium Falcon. Which is more than okay with me.)

After the wedding, we took off for a brief honeymoon. Because J.D. travels so much for work, we were able to get all the way across the country on his airline miles. There will be more details on those adventures here in the next couple of weeks.

We are back home in Carolina now. Of course, the moment we got off the plane at RDU, the pine pollen hit me like a truck. The one thing that I wish I could change about living in Carolina is my allergies to the pine trees—always hits me hard and lasts for most of the spring. But at least with spring we get into warm weather, green growing things, and my backyard bird friends are back to keep me company.

For now, we are settling into the married life, getting back to our day jobs, and loving life. Stay tuned for some new posts about our travels and adventures, some new casual tech posts, and some new post categories!