The Force is Faithful

Hi guys!  Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Things have been busy around here.  Between long hours at the day job (gearing up for the end of the quarter), holiday preparation, and then the obligatory holiday parties, it seems like I blinked and the first half of December disappeared.  I guess that happens sometimes, but I feel like I’ve missed most of it!

Sunday, though, was the BIG day.  New Star Wars movie, opening weekend.  In IMAX 3D (is there any other way to watch a new Star Wars movie?).  We thought it was jam-packed with action, enough comedic relief to catch your breath before diving back in, and some masterful character development.  Just the scenes between Kylo Ren and Rey are screaming for some psychoanalytic reviews.  Where the original trilogy discussed the differences between the Light and Dark sides of the Force at length, The Last Jedi reminds us that sometimes things are not so cut and dried.  Sometimes, instead of Light Side and Dark Side, the depths of the human (and wookie) soul are painted in shades of grey. Sometimes, the character who has been set up as the “new Darth Vader” is more of a lost child than he is an embodiment of evil.  Kylo Ren is starting to become more multidimensional–not just a shadow in a mask, but a deeply troubled young man who is struggling to find his place in the world, wrestling with his family legacy.  That doesn’t mean we don’t sit on the edge of our seats, anxious for the fate of the dwindling band of rebels as they try to escape the First Order.  But it does mean that perhaps even our heroes–even Saint Luke, the Skywalker–have moments where they are not their best selves.  And that’s okay, as long as we have faith and continue to fight the good fight.  Rose has one of the most poignant lines of the movie when she tells Finn that the way to win the war is not to destroy what we hate, but to save the things we love.  (I still think Kylo Ren has some serious rage issues, though.  Talk about destructive.  Yikes.) 

I know that the Internet, in its infinite wisdom, is fractured over The Last Jedi.  And that’s fine.  People are allowed to have varied opinions on what and wasn’t successful, and they can like it or not like it as they please.  I’m not here to spoil anything for anyone regarding plot twists (which I tried SO hard to avoid before we made it to the theater).  Instead, I’ll give you a teaser from Episode IX:




…in which General Leia Organa teams up with the Doctor of Gallifrey to save the rebellion in the midst of an artificial pine forest.  (Okay, maybe not.  But I still love this Christmas ornament, even if it doesn’t quite capture the fierceness of Carrie Fisher.  We also have daleks and R2-D2 on our tree.)

Have a great week, everyone!